1. General members meeting on the third Monday evening of the month. With the exception of August.
Fixed part is a time of prayer, maintaining the Lords Supper and reflecting together on a part of God's Word.

On these evenings a number of valuable and inspiring themes were presented, such as attention for young people and the vision for the city. Time has also been spent on the members own contribution under the agenda item: any other matters.

In one of the members' meetings, a delegation from the Council of Churches Amsterdam visited.

2. The PCC participated with some members on May 7th – 8th in the first! consultation conference Amsterdam, organized by the Amsterdam Council of City Leaders.

3. The pastors retreat in the weekend June 23d – 25th took place in the Christian Conference Center De Kroeze Danne. In cooperation with organisation TEAR. With very thorough education from bishop Zac.
The number of participants has unfortunately not been enough.

4. The YHIYW project: Your health is your Wealth from June 26th – July 1st.

This project has been particularly successful. There are 100 people more reached than in 2016. Mainly on the street. During marketdays.
The Municipality of Amsterdam has received a report because of her support and our cooperation with the GGD. Partner In this project has been too the AMC.

5. Prayer walks:

by the pastors one of the two planned went on;
by the members of the member churches, both did not went on

6. Not taken place:

1. Poverty conference with district in April
2. Gospel festival in August
3. Annual conference joint PCC church members, including prayer evening, October
4. Workers appreciation evening in December





Balance 1/1/2017 € 1.599,01
Banking Costs € 160,75
Dues member churches € 6.470,00
Consumptions meetings € 487,70
Contribution pastors retreat € 565,00
Costs pastors retreat € 3.055,40
Subsidy Healthproject € 15.000,00
Healthproject € 18.978,50
Offering Healthproject € 133,00
Cost Pastors Training – GGD 1 year € 3.200,00
Subsidy Pastors Training – GGD 2 years € 6.070,00
Amsterdam City Consultation (ACCL) € 250,00
Balance difference correction € 0,54
Fare well attention (3 persons) € 249,95

Parking, transportation € 123,10

Website PCC (Strato) € 94,56

Miscellaneous € 70,43

Balance on bankaccount 2/1/2018 € 3.167,16

€ 29.837,55

€ 29.837,55


Balance of 2/1/2018 includes savings bank account ING with an amount of 335.57 €, which is reserved for the robes for the PCC choir.
For the second year of pastors training GGD 2870 Euro of the granted subsidy has not been spent, which is still to be kept available in reserve for the continuation of these trainings in 2018. For this reason, from this date in fact is not enough money for activities. According to the calculation, the amount amounts to: 3167.16 € - 335.57 € - 2870.00 € = - 38.41 € .

In 2017, according to the bookkeeping, 29 churches paid contributions. Not every church has paid 300 €.
The entire contribution has been paid by 12 churches, in part by 7 churches. And not by 8 churches.
2 churches do not pay contributions, for which permission has been granted.
To receive all contributions is certainly a challenge.

2 weeks prior to the Health event  Your Health IS Your Wealth an important Christian fund did not grant money and and adviced to acquire a subsidy elsewhere. Just before the summer holidays. The budget has been adjusted as far as possible, by consequence in a deficit of € 3845.50.
The PCC pleaded for a collection in the General meeting of June. The Maranatha Community Training Center and the Rivers of Bible Church have made an extra contribution for this reason. Thanks.





Vereniging Pentecostal Council of churches / 25 april 2019